She Drup Ling Graz

Buddhist Center

In our center in the city we offer  meditation and yoga courses, pujas etc. for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners.


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Kalachakra Kalapa Center

Retreat center at Garanas, southwestern Styria

At our retreat center at 1,000 meters above sea level regular retreats are held for all those who long for a respite from their daily routine.


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Kalachakra Kalapa Retreat Center:

Current Courses & Events

  • On 23.06.2017: Lectures & Seminars | Lecture: How to achive more equanimity and freedom in life?
  • On 23.06.2017: Study Programme "Discovering Buddhism" | Module: "Presentation of the path"
  • From 24.06.2017: Lectures & Seminars | Weekend Seminar: "Meditations leading to awakening"
  • From 30.06.2017: Retreats | WALK Towards Calmness - Mindful Hiking & Yoga

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