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Monday, 18:30    Open practice group
Monday, 19:30    Zen meditation
Tuesday, 18:30    Vipassana meditation
Saturday, 8:00    White Tara puja
» Ongoing meditation courses
» Ongoing yoga courses
» Pujas on full and new moon days
» Sutra recitation
From03.01.2018: Retreats| Vipassana Retreat with Hannes Huber, January 2018
From12.01.2018: Retreats| Retreat "What is really important for you?"
On13.01.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Sangha: the community, great commentators, many schools (in German)
On19.01.2018: Study Programme "Discovering Buddhism"| Module: "How to meditate"
On19.01.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Lecture on taking refuge to the three jewels
From20.01.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Weekend Seminar: "Refuge – taking a safe direction"
On02.02.2018: Lectures & Seminars| FELDENKRAIS – Interaction between our inner and outer attitude
From03.02.2018: Mindfulness Yoga & Lu Jong| Workshop: LU JONG - Tibetan Yoga
On17.02.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Karma: personal responsibility and the roots of wholesome actions (in German)
From21.02.2018: Retreats| Retreat: "Coming home to oneself" with Stephan Pende Wormland (February 2018)
From08.03.2018: Rituals and Celebrations| Days for Tibet 2018
On10.03.2018: Lectures & Seminars| The fourfold community - women and buddhism (in German)
On16.03.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Lecture on taking refuge to the three jewels
From17.03.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Weekend Seminar: "Why are Buddha, Dharma and Sangha 'jewels'?"
From23.03.2018: Retreats| "Transforming the six emotions through compassion"
On07.04.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Ways of Buddhist practice (in German)
On14.04.2018: Meditation| Hours of Mindfulness
On19.04.2018: Study Programme "Discovering Buddhism"| Module 6: "Everything about Karma"
On19.04.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Lecture: Karma: intent, causes and consequences of actions
From20.04.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Three day seminar: "Karma: why we do what we do - and its consequences"
On20.04.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Lecture: Buddhist ethics in everyday life: do no harm
From27.04.2018: Retreats| Mindful Working
On12.05.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Buddhism in the 'West' - tradition and commitment (in German)
From18.05.2018: Retreats| Mindful working (Whitsun)
On09.06.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Bhavana: the daily practice of wisdom and compassion (in German)
On16.06.2018: Meditation| Hours of Mindfulness
From23.06.2018: Lectures & Seminars| Weekend seminar "Does ethical behaviour still pay off nowadys?"
From06.07.2018: Retreats| WALK Towards Calmness - Mindful Hiking & Yoga
From20.07.2018: Retreats| Vipassana Retreat with Hannes Huber
From30.07.2018: Retreats| Mindful working (in summer)
From03.08.2018: Retreats| “Shamatha, Vipassana and Emptiness"
From12.08.2018: Retreats| Tara Retreat
From18.08.2018: Retreats| Retreat "Pristine joy" with Stephan Pende Wormland (August 2018)
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