Kalachakra Tantra Practice Group for empowered

Kalachakra-Tantra – The Preliminary Practices 

The Divine Ladder: Preliminary and Main Practices of the Profound
Kalachakra Vajrayoga
by Jetsun Taranatha (1575 – 1634) starts with the Outer and Inner Preliminaries

Outer Preliminaries
and Lineage Invocation:

Contemplating the four convictions motivates the mind to practice:

  • death and impermanence
  • precious human birth
  • cause and effect
  • advantages of liberation

Invocation of the lineage masters activates the blessing of the uninterrupted transmission lineage of the Jonang Kalachakra lineage masters.

Inner Preliminaries

  • Refuge and prostrations (entry into Buddhist practice)
  • Generating the mind of enlightenment (enlightenment for the sake of all beings)
  • Vajrasattva purification (purification of negative karmic influences)
  • Mandala offering (accumulation of merit)
  • Guru yoga (blessing of the masters)


every Wednesday, 18:30 – 19:45 Uhr
Manfred Klell
(voluntary donation)

€ 10 – € 5 recommended (donation for the maintenance of the centre)

No registration necessary.

every Thursday, 18:30 - 19:45

(No practice on public holidays and during Christmas and Easter holidays)


The Preliminary Practices in the Tibetan Tradition

We practise together and get inspiration from the explanations of the great  masters.

We practise

  • Refuge and prostrations
  • Bodhicitta
  • Vajrasattva purification
  • Mandala offering
  • Guru yoga 


Manfred Klell

Manfred Klell

Mechanical engineer and specialist in thermodynamics.
Long-standing Buddhist practice, empowerments by H.H. Dalai Lama, Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and others.


Rafael Nassif

Rafael Nassif

Composer/Pianist in the field of contemporary music.  Practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and Lu Jong. 2015-16 official training as Lu Jong teacher at Nangten Menlang in the tradition of Ven. Tulku Lobsang.



Fellow practitioners are always welcome! Registration requested.

  • comfortable clothes
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