Kalachakra-Tantra for beginners

Study and practice of the Preliminary Practices of the Kalachakra path


For more than 1000 years the preliminary practices (ngöndro) have being practised in various Tibetan traditions as a powerful method to dissolve the delusions of conceptual thinking. Thereby we can reveal our true innate potential (Buddha nature).

The course is based on the text "The Divine Ladder: Preliminary and Main Practices of the Profound Kalachakra Vajrayoga" written by the great yogi and scholar Jetsun Taranatha (1575-1635).

This practice is explained step by step in the books by the Ven. Kalachkra master Khentrul Rinpoche. These writings offer a complete introduction into the practices and meditations according to the Tibetan Jonang tradition—the crown jewel of the pith instructions to the Kalachakra tantra.

This practice group provides room for exchange, questions and discussions about the texts.

The practice group is open for all those interested.

from 9 January – 20 March (10 units)
Wednesday, 20:00 – 21:15
Rafael Nassif
(voluntary donation)

recommended donation (for 10 units) € 170 – € 120 (for the maintenance of the centre and dana for the teacher)

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The preliminary practices in the Tibetan tradition

We study and practice together

  • Presentation of the profound Kalachakra path
  • Meditation on the "Four convictions of renunciation", which create sincere motivation for the practice
  • Lineage masters from India, Shambhala, and Tibet
  • Prostrations, refuge
  • Generating the mind of enlightenment (Bodhicitta)
  • Vajrasattva purification practice with mantra recitation
  • Mandala offering in order to accumulate positive potential
  • The guru yogas by Taranatha and Dolpopa


Due to time limits only part of the topics listed will be studied and practised during this trimester. The focus will be adapted to the needs of the registered participants, so that they can get as much profit as possible.


Wednesday, 19:00 – 20:00 (10 meetings)

  • 9 Jan – 16 Jan – 23 Jan – 30 Jan
  • 6 Feb – 13 Feb – 27 Feb (no course on 20 Feb!)
  • 6 March – 13 March – 20 March 


Rafael Nassif

Rafael Nassif

Practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. 2015-16 official training as Lu Jong teacher at Nangten Menlang in the tradition of Ven. Tulku Lobsang.




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