LU JONG - Tibetan Yoga

LU JONG comprises precious teachings on Tibetan movement exercises. They have been transmitted orally for thousands of years.


LU means "body" and JONG stands for "training" or "transformation".


Lama Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche devised a special selection of LU JONG exercises for the West, so that they may be practised by people of varying physical capacities. He collected exercises from all schools of Tibetan Buddhism as well as from the Bön tradition, in order to provide the utmost benefit for modern people.


Wednesday, 17:30 18:45 (10 evenings)
Number of Participants:
8 - 12
Rafael Nassif
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recommended donation (for 10 units) € 170 – € 120 (for the maintenance of the centre and dana for the teacher)

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Wednesday, 17:30 - 18:45 Uhr (10 evenings)

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• Introduction to Lu Jong
• Self-massage of the five elements (Kum-Nye)
• Practice of the 23 Lu Jong exercises
• Four positions for relaxation (earth, water, fire, wind)
• Breathing exercises
• Heart meditation


Rafael Nassif

Rafael Nassif

Composer/Pianist in the field of contemporary music.  Practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and Lu Jong. 2015-16 official training as Lu Jong teacher at Nangten Menlang in the tradition of Ven. Tulku Lobsang.

Come and attend one unit to get an idea of the course. Please call Rafel Nassif0316/35 12 16

(Recommended donation € 17 – € 10)

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