Mindful Working

Come and help us to remove the snow protection of the stupa! (» picture gallery) Furthermore, we urgently need your support with the spring-cleaning in the house and the garden.

The experience of working together and sharing one's experiences with the group is just as rewarding as the periods of sitting meditation, physical exercises and silence.

If you are not able to attend the entire weekend, even joining us for a single day will make a difference.

Through the meritorious activity of Mindful Working we create the conditions for many people to attend retreats at our centre, to feel well and find rest at this wonderful place.

Friday, 26 Sunday, 28 April 2019
(voluntary donation)

Participation is free

Friday, 26 April, 2019

Please arrive betwewen 11:00 and 13:00.

» How to get to Kalachakra Kalapa Center

Arrival by train (S-Bahn) at Schwanberg:

Please take the train S6 with through coach to Wies/Eibiswald, departure from Graz Main Station at 12:00, arrival at Schwanberg at 12:50.


We will pick you up from Schwanberg station, please let us know by 23 April by email or phone +43 (0) 699-12 15 12 91.

  • Unpacking the stupa
  • Spring cleaning in the house
  • Gardening


Example of a daily routine during the retreat "Mindful Working"

6:00 Wake-up

Outdoor physical exercises & morning meditation



8:30 Mindful working 1

Tea break

11:00 Mindful working 2

Lunch and break


Mindful working III

16:30 Tea break

Mindful working IV




Meditation (ca. 45 min)

Noble silence during meals and after the evening meditation until the next morning after breakfast.

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Questions & answers about our retreats and Kalachakra Kalapa Center: » Retreat FAQ.

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