Hours of Mindfulness

"A hundred things can be explained, a thousand things told, but there is one thing you should understand. Realising one thing, everything will be liberated: remain in your inner nature, your mindfulness." Padmasambhava


We all have mindfulness as an inherent potential. We have the capability to repeatedly focus our awareness so as not to get overwhelmed by outer factors which we can't influence.

In these Hours of Mindfulness we stabilise our presence in the actual moment by gentle body and breathing exercises as well as by sitting and walking meditation. Thereby we learn to cultivate this mind-protecting quality in order to stabilse our presence and to conciously readjust our focus. Thereby we can develop self-acceptance and unobscured presence.



Sat, 16 June 2018, 10:00 - 13:00
Andrea Apachou
(voluntary donation)

Recommended donation for the maintenance of the centre: € 25 – € 15 + dana (voluntary giving) for the teacher

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Andrea Apachou


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