Tara Night

A Tibetan Buddhist practice with refuge and prostrations, mandala offering, recitations, visualisations, praise to the 21 Taras, prayers and wishes for others, for the world and oneself, as well as intervals with discussions and refreshments.

In this ritual we offer our devotion to Tara and try to attain her perfecly pure qualities ourselves. This practice purifies our body, speech and mind and allows us to develop Arya Tara's exceptional compassion and highest wisdom.

We begin on Friday evening at 18:00. One round of the ritual lasts about two to three hours and is repeated several times with intervals in between.

Everyone interested in this pratice is welcome!

If you plan to take part for the first time, pease call Andrea Apachou (0699/12259953)!

For organizational reasons, we ask for advance registration. Thank you!


Friday 10 November 2017, 18:00
Barbara und Manfred Klell

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