Open day, bazaar and slide show "Pilgrimage to Dzamtang"

We cordially invite you to visit our centre and have a look at our offer of courses and gifts. Bring your family and friends!


The open day is also a good opportunity to meet nice people and have tea and snacks in a peaceful atmosphere.


As a highlight Barbara and Manfred Klell will show slides from their pilgrimage to Dzamtang in eastern Tibet. Last June, around 45 participans accompanied Khentrul Rinpoche to the centre of the Jonang tradition at Dzamtang where the world's largest Kalachakra Mandala is being erected. The slide show starts at 16:00.


Dzamtang Fest für Lobsang Trinle     Dzamtang Mandalabauwerk      Dzamtang Gebetsfahnen


At our bazaar you will find books, statues, thangkas, incense, CDs/DVDs of previous seminars and much more, either for your own practice or as gifts. Only recently we got new books in German on the Kalachakra practice as well as new statues from Nepal.





Sunday, 8 December 2019, 14:00 – 19:00;

Slide show at 16:00

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