Losar Celebration – Tibetan New Year

 Losar 2150 Wasser Hase

Tibetan New Year Celebration: Water-Rabbit Year 2150
Losar is the Tibetan word for New Year and the most important holiday in Tibet.

The Tibetan year starts between the beginning of February and beginning of March according to our calendar. 21 February 2023 is the first day of the Tibetan female water-rabbit year 2150.


During the last days of the old year the houses are cleaned and people take baths. Furthermore, religious purification rituals are performed. On the first 3 days of the new year colourful celebrations take place – with family and friends as well as in the monasteries – in order to thank the old year and to resolve to take the Buddhist path in the follwing year. Losar is followed by Monlam, the two-week-long Great Prayer Festival.

Sun, 19 February 2023

17:30: Buddhist Practice;

from 18:30: Get-together with buffet

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