Weekend Seminar: "The mind and its potential"

"The mind is like dough, which means you can make it into any shape: emotional, non-emotional, happy, not happy."


This sentence of Lama Zopa Rinpoche means that it is up to our mind how we experience the world and ourselves. This weekend the following topics will be explained: the various mental factors that enable our perceptions and how we experience them; the basic nature of our mind; the importance of meditation and daily practice; and much more...

(Teaching in German) 


Introductory lecture by Stephan Pende Wormland "Die Stufen des Erwachens auf dem Weg des Buddha", Fri 23 September, 19:00 >>

The seminar is part of our study programme "Discovering Buddhism". More information and registration >>


Saturday, 24, and Sunday, 25 September 2016.

Sat 9:30 – 18:00, Sun 9:30 14:00

Stephan Pende Wormland
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Stephan Pende Wormland Stephan Pende Wormland was born  in Germany and practiced in various spiritual traditions for over 25 years. He graduated in clinical psychology and studied Gestalt Therapy. He worked 8 years in psychiatry and as a paramedic.  As a student of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, he lived 11 years as aTibetan Buddhist monk, including 8 years as manager and director of Nalanda Monastery in southern France. Stephan spent 4 years in various retreats. He derobed in 2009. Currently, he lives as resident teacher at the FPMT center in Copenhagen, offers courses and leads meditation retreats in Europe.
» more information on Stephan's website
Christine Schnitzer Christine Schnitzer

Study programme "Discovering Buddhism“

Teaching degree for mathematics and physical education. 10 years hospice volunteer.

Long-standing experience with Buddhist studies and retreats.

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