Kalachakra-Tantra for beginners

The preliminary practices (ngöndro) of the precious tantrayana

In various Tibetan traditions the preliminary practices are a powerful method to dissolve the delusions of conceptual thinking. Thereby we can reveal our true inner nature (Buddha nature).

The books by the Ven. Kalachkra master Khentrul Rinpoche will be the basis for our practice. These writings offer a complete intrroduction into the exercises and meditations. (We are currently working on a German translation.)
Thie practice group provides room for exchange, questions and discussions about the texts.

The practice group is open for all those interested. Beginners as well as advancing practitioners are welcome. No registration necessary.

Wednesday, 19:00 – 20:00 (in the library)
Rafael Nassif
(voluntary donation)

€ 10 – € 5 recommended (donation for the maintenance of the centre)

every Wednesday, 19:00 - 20:00

(No practice on public holidays and during Christmas and Easter holidays!)

The preliminary practices in the Tibetan tradition

We practice together and get inspiration by the explanations of the great masters.

Our training:

  • Prostrations, refuge
  • Bodhicitta
  • Vajrasattva purification practice
  • Mandala offering
  • Guru yoga


Rafael Nassif

Rafael Nassif

Composer/Pianist in the field of contemporary music.  Practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and Lu Jong. 2015-16 official training as Lu Jong teacher at Nangten Menlang in the tradition of Ven. Tulku Lobsang.




€ 5 – € 10 recommended (donation for the maintenance of the centre)

Registration requested! You can join any time!

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