Full Moon Pujas

The days of the full moons are considered to be very favourable for practising. On these days we therefore meditate together on Buddha Shakyamuni, as well as on a further Buddha aspect.

Full moon puja (15th day of the Tibetan calendar): alternately Chenrezig and Prajñaparamita meditation.


Chenrezig 4-armig

Chenrezig  (four armed)





Full moon pujas with tsog will be held at the Peace Stupa in Volksgarten whatever the weather! Please bring offerings for the tsog!


Link to the ritual text - download for a donation: Full moon puja text


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Dates 2024:


Thu, 25 Jan. - Chenrezig
Sat, 24 Feb. - Prajñaparamita - Chötrul Düchen
Mon, 25 Mar.  - Chenrezig
Wed, 24 April  - Prajñaparamita
Thu, 23 May - Chenrezig - Vesakh/Saga Dawa
Sat, 22 June - Prajñaparamita
     Sun, 21 July - Chenrezig
Mon, 19 Aug. - Prajñaparamita
Wed, 18 Sep. - Chenrezig
Thu, 17 Oct. - Prajñaparamita
Fri, 15 Nov. - Chenrezig
Sun, 15 Dec. - Prajñaparamita



every full moon day, 17:30 – 18:30
Barbara Klell, Manfred Klell, Ulrike Holzer


(voluntary donation)



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