Meditation Course for Beginners and Advanced Practitioners

Avoid unwholesome things, do good, and above all, tame your mind, this is the teaching of Buddha.

Stable concentration and deep contemplation will be the main exercises in this course.


Corona causes the course to be held online via Zoom.


Tuesday, 18:30 – 20:00 (8 dates)
Number of Participants:
6 - 8
Michael Aldrian
(voluntary donation)

recommended donation (for 8 units) € 180 – € 150 (for the maintenance of the centre and dana for the teacher)


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on Tuesdays, 18:30 - 20:00 (8 dates)

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03 October
10 October
17 October
24 October
29 October (cancelled)
03 November
10 November
17 November
24 November
  not yet fixed
  not yet fixed



Developping a good meditation posture

Stabilization of the concentrated meditation

Analytical meditations that strengthen the motivation for change
eg: impermanence, suffering, attachment and aversion

Analytical meditations that develop the positive qualities in the mind
eg: equanimity, compassion and emptiness


Michael Aldrian

Michael Aldrian

Teacher of Buddhist religion for Styria, social pedagogue and adult educator.




  • Comfortable clothes 
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