White Tara Puja


Weisse Tara     White Tara is also called 'Mother of all Buddhas'. 
      She symbolises healing and long life.

      We celebrate the puja according to the transmission lineage 
      of Ven. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.

      It was Lore's wish to continue the practice according to her interpretation.




Whether you are a practitioner or just interested, you are welcome to attend the puja! In order to get full benefit of this practice, however, empowerment by a qualified lama is a prerequisite.

Link to the ritual text - download for a donation: WHITE TARA PUJA

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every Saturday, 8:00  9:00
Michael Aldrian
(voluntary donation)



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Nonne Gyurme Lhamo Lore Dandl

Ehrwürdige Eleonore Dandl Gyurme Lamo
25.11.1935 - 28.12.2012


Lore Dandl hat als Grazer Buddhistische Nonne und als langjährige Praktizierende der Weißen Tara große Verdienste um das Einfließen-Lassen von buddhistischen Übungen in den Alltag angesammelt.

Erinnerungspuja an Lore Dandl:
Sa, 30. Dezember 2023 um 8 Uhr




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