New Moon Pujas

The days of the new moons are considered to be very favourablefor practising. On these days we therefore meditate together on Buddha Shakyamuni, as well as on a further Buddha aspect.

New moon puja (30th day of the Tibetan calendar): alternately Chenrezig and Vajrasattva meditation.


Chenrezig 4-armig                     Vajrasattva

4-Armed Chenrezig                                   Vajrasattva



Dates 2019:

Sun  Jan. (Vajrasattva)
Mon 4 Feb. (Chenrezig)
Wed 6 Mar. (Vajrasattva)
Fri 5 April (Chenrezig)
Sun 5 May (Vajrasattva)
Mon 3 June (Chenrezig)
     Tue 2 July (Vajrasattva)
Thu 1 Aug. (Chenrezig)
Fri 30 Aug. (Vajrasattva)
Sat 28 Seo. (Chenrezig)
Mon 28 Oct. (Vajrasattva)
Tue 26 Nov. (Chenrezig)
Thu 26 Dec (Vajrasattva)

every new moon day, 17:30 – 18:30
Barbara Klell, Manfred Klell, Ulrike Holzer

No registration necessary.

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