New Moon Pujas

The days of the new moons are considered to be very favourablefor practising. On these days we therefore meditate together on Buddha Shakyamuni, as well as on a further Buddha aspect.

New moon puja (30th day of the Tibetan calendar): alternately Chenrezig and Vajrasattva meditation.


Chenrezig 4-armig                     Vajrasattva

4-Armed Chenrezig                                   Vajrasattva



Dates 2018:

Wed 17 Jan. (Vajrasattva)
Thu 15 Feb. (Chenrezig)
Sat 17 Mar. (Vajrasattva)
Mon 16 April (Chenrezig)
Tue 15 May (Vajrasattva)
Wed 13 June (Chenrezig)
     Fri 13 July (Vajrasattva)
Sat 11 Aug. (Chenrezig)
Sun 9 Sep. (Vajrasattva)
Tue 9 Oct. (Chenrezig)
Wed 7 Nov. (Vajrasattva)
Fri 7 Dec. (Chenrezig)

every new moon day, 17:30 – 18:30
Barbara Klell, Manfred Klell, Ulrike Holzer

No registration necessary.

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