Medicine Buddha Puja




The Buddha is frequently called the „Great Physician“, because he aims at healing us with his teachings from the disease of suffering. In the Mahayana (the Great Vehicle) this healing aspect is personified as the blue Medicine Buddha, the „Medicine Master, King of Lapislazuli Light“.

The Medicine Buddha does not only heal diseases of the body but also the mental afflictions, which are causes for both mental and physical suffering. Connecting with the Medicine Buddha through recitations and meditations, as e.g. in our puja, supports the healing process in sick people but also enhances the energy and motivation of medical professionals.


Whether you are a practitioner or just interested, you are welcome to attend the puja!


Dates 2018:

Thu 25.1.                  Fri 20.7.          
Fri 23.2.                Sat 18.8.
Sun 25.3.          Mon 17.9.
Mon 23.4.           Wed 17.10.
Tue 22.5.           Thu 15.11.
Thu 21.6.       Sat 15.12.

07:00 – 07:30 on the 8th day of the Tibetan calendar
Ulrike Holzer, Barbara Klell

No registration necessary.

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