Open Practice Group

Training for body, mind and breath by means of mindful physical exercises and meditation. For people who like to train together regularly, or for those who like to try something new. No experience required. Comfortable clothing recommended.

All year round on Mondays, 18:30 – 19:45

Not applicable on during Christmas holiday, Eastern, 1 May 2017, Whitsun and Assumption

Andrea Apachou, Patrick Karner, Carmen Vieregg und Karin Zemljic
(voluntary donation)

€ 10 – € 5 recommended (donation for the maintenance of the centre)

No registration necessary.

Easy exercises for body, breath and mind. 

Guided excercises for everyone

Guidance of the breath leads to a focussed mind in a mindful body
Suggestions for implementation in everyday life

by means of

relaxation exercises
breathing exercises
finding the optimal sitting posture
walking and sitting meditation

Barbara Klell

Barbara Klell

Physiotherapist and psychotherapist. Since 1978 occupation with physical and mental "development techniques".


Karin Zemljic

Certified Tri-Yoga teacher, training in craniosacral therapy, occupation with meditation and Buddhism since 2013


Patrick Karner 

Patrick Karner

Since 2001 experience in various spiritual traditions and "UHT Associate Instructor" (Qi Gong) since 2008.






  • Comfortable clothes
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