Study Programme "Discovering Buddhism"

If you want to learn more about the potential of your mind, karma, rebirth, bodhicitta, tantra, and Buddhism in general, come and take part in our study programme! It consists of 12 modules (each of ca. 2½ months duration), offered over the course of 4 years.


Teachers of the FPMT give lectures and guide weekend seminars and weekend retreats. Thus, you can get qualified instructions about various Buddhist topics.


The study programme is an educational programme of the FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition


It is possible to join the program any time. Each module is complete in itself and can be booked individually. It is also possible to attend just the weekend seminar. See Lectures & Seminars.


Each module consists of:


  • Public lectures (Friday 19:00 – 21:00)
    before the first and last weekend of the module a good opportunity to get an brief overview over the topic of the seminar and the whole module
  • Public weekend seminar (Saturday 9:30  18:00 and Sunday 9:30  14:00)
    at the start of the module presents theory and practice of the topic of the module through keynotes, guided meditation, exchange in the group etc.
    We will get practical advice how to apply the contents in everyday life.
  • Weekly meetings (Wednesday 19:00  21:00) for participants of the module
    Under the guidance of Christine Schnitzer the respective topics are discussed with regard to their meaning for everyday life. Through interaction with the teacher and other students, practical exercises, meditation and further reading or watching movies, the theoretical knowledge is integrated with practical experience.

  • Weekend retreat (Saturday 9:30  18:00, Sunday 9:30  16:00) for participants of the module
    (at the end of the module)
    We will mainly meditate on the respective topic of the module. There will also be room for questions and exchange in the group.


Registration requested!
Registration for the modules via our website, by email ( or by phone (0699-12 15 12 91).



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Module 7: "Establishing a daily practice"

Location: Buddhistisches Zentrum She Drup Ling Graz

Date: Friday, 28 September 2018

Guidance: Stephan Pende Wormland / Christine Schnitzer

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