Zen Meditation – Practice Group

Newly interested? Please sign up by calling Werner Gendo Ainhirn (Mobile: 0660-7101747; werner.ainhirn@aon.at)!

Zen meditation on Friday 6.15 >>

on Monday, from 19:30 to 21:45
(voluntary donation)

€ 10 – € 5 recommended (donation for the maintenance of the centre)

Supported by the formal context of Zen practice we train in unintentional Zazen (sitting meditation). A joint recitation is followed by 3 periods of Zazen - 25 minutes each. The mindfulness of Zazen remains with us during the walking meditation between periods of sitting.

Werner Ainhirn Werner Gendo Ainhirn

 In 1996, the Zen practice found me in the form of my teacher Seiun Genro, Dai Osho. Since then I have been practicing with the Rinzai-ji Sangha in Vienna, now under the leadership of Seigaku Kigen, Osho. With each passing year "sitting" becomes more important and fulfilling to me.”

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