Zen Meditation – Practice Group

Those newly interested are requested to contact Werner Gendo Ainhirn (Tel. 0660-7101747 oder werner.ainhirn@aon.at) at least 24 h in advance!

Zen meditation also on Monday 19.30 >>

on Friday, 6.15 7.45
(voluntary donation)

€ 10 – € 5 recommended (donation for the maintenance of the centre)

Supported by the formal context of Zen practice we train in unintentional Zazen (sitting meditation). A joint recitation is followed by 3 periods of Zazen - 25 minutes each. The mindfulness of Zazen remains with us during the walking meditation between periods of sitting.

Werner Ainhirn Werner Gendo Ainhirn

Sales controller in telecommunications. In 1996, I found the Zen practice in the form of my teacher Seiun Genro, Dai Osho. Since then I have been practicing with the Rinzai-ji Sangha in Vienna, now under the leadership of Seigaku Kigen, Osho. With each passing year "sitting" becomes more important and fulfilling to me.”

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