Repairing the chimneys and the gompa floor at our retreat centre

Dear friends of She Drup Ling and Kalachakra Kalapa Center!


Because we rely on donations for all repair work, we are grateful for any kind of support. Any monetary donation, however small it may be, or taking part in mindful working will be appreciated as a contribution to the continuity of our centers.

Please donate to our account (see right – purpose "chimney repair" or "gompa floor"), or take part in one of our "Mindful working" retreats! Thank you very much!



Extent of the project:

Kaminsanierung Kalachakra Kalapa Center

The roof of our retreat centre at Garanas was repaired in 2017, without, however, altering the chimneys. Now the chimneys have become leaky and we are no more allowed to heat the stoves in the yoga room and the dining room. In order to provide cosy warmth during our next retreat in January 2019, the chimneys must urgently be repaired. Both chimeys need to be equipped with steel tubes. The quotation gives a sum of € 8.000,-


The Gompa was equipped with the carpet used at the Kalachakra for World Peace in 2002. Since this blessed carpet is now past it's prime, we had to lay a wooden floor on top.

Estimated costs (108 m²): € 4,000.–
Laid between 26 and 28 October 2018

If you see any opportunity to assist us in the realisation of these projects, please contact us at:


A sincere thank you for your precious contribution and your generosity!

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