Appeal for Funding: Overall Renovation Peace Stupa Volksgarten Graz

Dear Friends of She Drup Ling and Kalachakra Kalapa Center!


The Stupa in the Volksgarten Graz, which was inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 12.06.1998, has proven itself as a place of  worship and meeting for over 22 years.

The tooth of time and the direct integration into the park activities have left clear signs of wear and tear on the stupa.  

Therefore, a general renovation and a redesign of the environment of the stupa are due now!


All stones are to be relocated, the tiles on the dome and the gilding are to be renewed. The gravel walkway is to be replaced with slabs of stone, and the stupa is to be separated from normal park use by a flower bed, a hedge and a gate. The costs are estimated at € 100 000,-. Our association as maintainer is called upon to do this.The City of Graz and the Province of Styria have announced their support.

Governor Schützenhöfer and Mayor Nagl have extended, at our suggestion, an invitation toHis Holiness the Dalai Lama, to come to Graz for the fourth time next year for the blessing of the renovated stupa and the celebration of 20 years of Kalachakra for World Peace Graz. His Holiness sends us His prayers and good wishes. Whether His Holiness will still make overseas trips due to the pandemic and his age is presently open.

For the project STUPA NEW we urgently request your support!




Please donate under the keyword "Stupa" to the association account:
IBAN: AT89 1420 0200 1097 9901, BIC: BAWAATWW.




Thank you very much!


May all beings be happy!

Download: Appeal for Funding: Overall ronovation Peace Stupa Volksgarten Graz

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