Roof repair at our retreat center

The roof has been leaking for several years and now we must urgently start the necessary repair work. During the first phase the roof framework will be repaired and the roof will get new tiles. In the future we hope to to build single and double rooms in the attic for the use of retreat participants.


Extent of the project:

Dachstuhl mit Eimer Garanas

Phase I:

Planning was started in summer 2015. Start of work is scheduled for April 2016, expected completion 3 months later (end of June), so as not to disturb the summer retreats.

  • Repair of the roof framewrk
  • New roof covering


Phase II:

  • Planning the new rooms in the attic
  • Attic conversion


For the realisation of such a major project we rely heavily on donations. Therefore we will be grateful for any kind of donation of money or material as well as helping hands.


If you see a chance to help us with the realisation, we gladly await your message via Thank you for your support!


Each support and donation, be it ever so small, contributes substantially to the success of the project. 


Many thanks for your generosity and your contribution.


Work is in full progress. It's getting perfect! The craftsmen are busy.

But - as usual - unexpected additional costs emerge as soon as the work has started! In our case the chimneys need repair and a beam was rotten.

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