Who we are


We are a spiritual group of lay people and live different lifestyles (alone or in partnership and family). We are in different stages of life and work in different professions. This diversity enriches our general and personal view. We share the Buddhist orientation and we all support the two centers.

Through regular as well as sporadic help of many volunteers by means of dedicated work, financial donations, in-kind donations and participation in the "Mindful working" retreats our centers are supported in the long run.


JHV 2016

Annual General Meeting 2016

How we collaborate

Manfred and Barbara Klell ran She Drup Ling Graz from 1995 to 2002. In 2000 Kalachakra Kalapa Retreat Center was acquired. From 2002 to 2012 Ani Jamyang (Beate Zweytick) was in charge of both centers.

Since 2012, the centers are overseen by a team of the Association Board together with long-standing volunteers.

Every two years the members of the Association for the Promotion of Buddhist Values elect the board. The board members decide on fundamental issues affecting the two centers and coordinate the volunteers.

We invite all interested parties to participate in the organisation of our centers. » More information

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