General Principles

"The Association is a non-profit organisation and promotes Buddhist values, especially wisdom and compassion towards all sentient beings and the mind of enlightenment."

Extract from the bylaws of the Association for the Promotion of Buddhist Values.


Our role models are His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other teachers from various recognised Buddhist traditions.

We aspire to practise mindfulness of body, speech and mind. Our efforts are supported by qualified teachers, mindful body work (such as yoga) and meditation, as well as the practice of ethical behaviour.

This endeavour is also reflected in the term "She Drup Ling" – "place of knowledge and experience". Accordingly, we offer a wide range of courses and events to enable personal experience and practical application in everyday life.


We seek to develop wisdom and compassion in order to be of utmost benefit for all sentient beings.

We want to meet all visitors of our centers with openness and respect.

Our guidelines are the five ethical principles of Buddhism (based on the interpretation of the 5 Shilas by Thich Nhat Hanh):

  1. Support life no killing
  2. Practice generosity no stealing
  3. Responsible use of sexuality  no sexual misconduct
  4. Mindful listening and sympathetic, truthful speech for the benefit of all no lying
  5. Mindful use of food – no drugs, no alcohol
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