About us

We are the Association for the Promotion of Buddhist Values and run She Drup Ling Buddhist Center at Graz as well as Kalachakra Kalapa  Retreat Center. The association is a member of the nationally recognized Austrian Buddhist Society. Inspired by H.H. the Dalai Lama the centers follow the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism but are also open to other Buddhist schools.

We are a community of women and men who practice Buddhist philosophy in life, work and in the relationship to ourselves and all other sentient beings.

Our centers are places where every person can get in contact with Buddhist values, such as mindfulness, compassion and wisdom. We strive at enabling all visitors to get inspiration as well as practical tips for their individual challenges in everyday life. 

Only with the help of many volunteers and donations it is possible to offer a wide range of activities in the two centers.


Our events and courses are open to people of all creeds and ways of thinking.


We stand for an open exchange with other ways of thinking and creeds in order to contribute to respectful, cherishing and trusting relations in society.


Graz, 24 March 2014

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