Association purpose and vision

"The Association, whose activities are charitable and non-profit, promotes Buddhist values, especially wisdom, compassion towards all beings and the awareness of enlightenment."
Excerpt from the statutes of the Association for the Promotion of Buddhist Values


The Association for the Promotion of Buddhist Values operates the centers She Drup Ling, Buddhist Center Graz and Kalachakra Kalapa Center. The association is a member of the state-recognized Austrian Buddhist Religious Community (ÖBR).


S. H. Dalai Lama has bestowed the names on our two centers, "She Drup Ling", place of knowledge and experience, and "Kalapa", capital of Shambhala, the Pure Land of the Buddha Kalachakra. Accordingly, our center She Drup Ling offers courses and events to anyone interested in getting in touch with Buddhist view of the world and Buddhist practice. The Kalachakra Kalapa Center addresses interested people and practitioners to find deepening in Buddhist practice up to Tantra.


Only through the many volunteers and donations is it possible to offer a wide range of services in both centers. Our events and courses are open to all spiritually interested people.




In our centers we adhere to the five ethical guidelines of Buddhism:


1. do not kill (not even insects)


2. do not steal (do not take anything that is not offered)


3. do not engage in sexual misconduct (do not cause suffering)


4. do not lie


5. no drugs (including no alcohol, no nicotine)


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