Kalachakra Stupa

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2001: First Blessing

2001: Ritual Blessing after filling the stupa

2001: The Mayor of Garanas and the neighbors marvel the filling of the stupa

2001: For the establishment responsible: Manfred Klell (initiator), Florian force (Technical Team), Geshe Tenzin Dhargye (spiritual leader), Ven Ngawang (artist), Rudi Kreissl (architect)

2002 October: Inauguration of the stupa by Ven Jhado Rinpoche and the monks of Namgyal Monastery of HH Dalai Lama

2003: Wrapping the stupa before winter with volunteers

Sunrise over the flame of enlightenment

2008: The stupa gets a own tent for the winter 

View from the Stupa

2010: The inside is well protected by the tent in winter


2011: Volunteers does the traditional winterizing on 26th of October 

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