Impressions 1999 - 2010

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1999: Kirtit Tsenshab Rinpoche


2000-2002: Geshe Tenzin Dhargye, Teachers and counselors in the center in preparation for and during the "Kalachakra 2002" in Graz

2002: H.H. Dalai Lama at Kalachakra ritual in the city hall of Graz.

2003: Monks from Lingshed in Ladakh sprinkle a mandala of the Buddha of Compassion.

2004: Venerable Geshe Tashi gives teachings in She Drup Ling

2005: Tulku Lama Lobsang teaches Lu Jong at She Drup Ling (pictured with Beate Zweytick / Ani Jamyang)

2008: Ordination of Beate Zweytick to become a nun by Ven Geshe Tashi 

2009: Visit the Buddhist Bön Lama Sangye line and Geshe Gelek


2009 März: Bruno Baumann and former mayor Mr. Stingl at the Tibet days to promote an aid project for the Tibetan People

2009: Vigil at the Stupa "solidarity with Tibet"

2010: Pater David Steindl-Rast visits to interreligious dialogue the Buddhist center


2010: Through generous donations the Buddha in the foyer is gilded. Work not finished - please donate.

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